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How it Works Fill out the Personalized Kids Story Form above only once please (duplicate entries will be disregarded). The more details the better.

Note: all information including your email is kept confidential and will never be sold or shared with any outside parties

At the end of the submission period all entry forms will be collected. We will personally read through all of them and pick a winner. An email notice will be sent to all participants as well as an announcement on

“Does It Cost Me Anything?” No. We hold this contest to promote and encourage reading.

After a Child Has Been Selected We will begin creating a personalized story based off the details provided by you.

note: the story may or may not contain the details supplied. They details are mainly to help give us direction and understanding of who we are writing for.

Once the story has been completed we will add it to this website under the Short Stories for Kids section and will send an email to the contact email address provided and make a an announcement on
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