The Adventure of Slimy Limey the Wiggly Worm

Slimy Limey the Wiggly Worm Slimy Limey was a wiggly worm.
Slimy Limey had a big perm.
Every morning ’til late afternoon,
he wiggled and wobbled to his favorite rock tune.

Slimy sang and danced for a cute yellow bee,
and he shook and shimmied for all to see.
Down by the river he hopped on a rock,

Soaring high in the sky the hawk did see,
a tasty meal for her chickies.
The hawk swooped down and snatched the worm,
and thought, “why in the world does this worm have a perm?”

“Mam put me down, you’ve gone too far!
for I will soon be a famous rock star.”
“I’m sorry worm but my chickies must eat.
They are always cranky from lack of sleep.”

In the distance, up high in a tree,
Slimy could see the cranky chickies.
“Mam I have an idea, lets strike a deal!
If I can put them to sleep, please cancel this meal!”

“An interesting deal it is indeed,
do what you say and you will be freed.”
She set Slimy down at the edge of the nest,
“If I’m going to be a star I must pass this test.”

“Sweet lil’ chickies, close your eyes,
and dream of eating tasty flies.
let worries and troubles float away,
disappearing with the start of a sunny new day.
Sweet lil’ chickies close your eyes,
and dream of soaring in the skies.
Soon you will become big and strong,
but to your mother you will always belong.”

All was silent as the chickies slept,
and the promise made was a promise kept.
Joyfully the hawk said with glee,
“You’re the best wiggly worm there ever will be.”

The End of the Story But Not the Adventure…

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