The Ballad of Princess Jordy

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6 thoughts on “The Ballad of Princess Jordy

  1. AJ, what a wonderful story. I am your dad’s cousin, and am not surprised by your talent. Uncle Delfino would tell me stories every night when I was little, each night it was the same story, but different adventue. Always made up as he went. I loved his stories. Grandfather, Anastacio Campos was also a wonderful story teller, composer and musician.
    I am happy to see you continue the story telling tradition. Best of luck to you. I will probably be requesting a story for my little grand daughter.

    • Thank you for for your kind words. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story. I never knew that about Uncle Delfino and Grandpa Anastacio so I’m proud to continue the legacy. I hope to hear from you again soon.

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