Moral Stories for Kids

“Finally, a collection of moral stories for kids that children will actually like!”
Publisher: Personalized Children’s Books

  • Susan Dugger and the Cats of Wizard Crest Susan Dugger and the Cats of Wizard Crest: - Cover PageSusan Dugger is a natural wand waver at the top of her class at Wizard Crest School. When two bullies step over the line Susan is forced to call Wizard Crest’s magic cats for help in this thriller of a story. This short children’s story teach a moral lesson about bullying. Edited by Karen Schindler ...
  • Harley and the Trickster Harley-Cover-RedHarley hasn’t felt herself in a month. Moving to a new home has got her feeling blue. But when a green little trickster appears and promises he can make all her dreams come true, Harley finds herself playing a dangerous game. All free short stories for kids with pictures are based off of real children. ...
  • Johnny Loved Toys Johnny Loved Toys - Page 1Johnny put toys first in his life and never shared with anyone, not even his brothers and sisters. After filling every inch of his room with toys, Johnny tries to stuff a few more in and, well, let’s just say the story ends with a boom. For Ages 2-8
Check back often as we plan to add another moral story soon. Practically all of our stories are illustrated and are all based off of real children. If you would like our next story to be about your child, please fill out the request a story form on the homepage. Thank you for all your support!

All our free moral stories are the property of Personalized Children’s Books and may not be reproduced or repurposed without written consent.

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