Getting Kids to Read

Statistics show that children who read often, or have their parents read to them from an early age have a greater aptitude to learn. But as you might have discovered with your own kids, they don’t always find reading fun.
In today’s world video games and television are the preferred way our children like to enjoy their free time. And who can blame them? Technology has created a wave of fun, realistic and graphically beautiful video games that play out like miniature movies. But, we can’t let our children stop reading or stop using their imaginations. There needs to be balance.
Kids do plenty of reading in school, but how much of that reading is by their own will? This is why I write the way I do; including real children in my stories to give them extra incentive to read. I think there is something magical and exciting about reading a fantasy tale or story about princesses and knights in shining armor only to find out that you are the hero of the story!
So, who are these children that I pick to center my stories around? They are children of parents, grandparents and friends who participate on my Facebook Fan Page. I want to extend a welcome and invite you to join my fan page and possibly have my next story be about your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or family friend.
My ultimate goal is to write a personalized story for every child that desires one, but for now I will continue writing for one child at a time.
To visit and join my fan page type in the URL and click on the button that says “Become a Fan.”
Together, let’s get our children to put down the remote and game controllers, and rediscover the boundless possibilities of the imagination.
A.J. Campos
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