Customize Little Bug Adventures: Book I

Step 1: Find the image that looks like your child.

Step 2:
  • Choose a book format

  • Enter your girl selection in the drop down menu

  • Click “Next”

iPad/iPhone Format:
Your child will enjoy the vibrant illustrations and easy to turn pages on your iPad/iPhone. “A must-have for your iBooks library!” VIEW COVERS

Price: $9.99
Large 8.5in x 8.5in book. The perfect size, your child will enjoy the large colorful illustrations. VIEW COVERS

Price: $25.89
Softcover + iPad Format: (VALUE DEAL)
A great value that lets your child enjoy their own story on the iPad (for those long drives) and in softcover (for bedtime). VIEW COVERS

Price: $30.89
Collector’s Edition Hardcover:
A gorgeous hardcover book that will stay with your child forever. The Collector’s Edition Hardcover is 11in x 8in with a gold accented cover. Built durable for the many priceless hours you will spend reading with your child. VIEW COVERS
Price: $36.99
Collector’s Hardcover + iPad Format: (VALUE DEAL)
Perfect for those who want to keep their child’s Collector’s Edition Hardcover in mint condition. VIEW COVERS

Price: $41.99