Mars Thundersmash Book 1

What does Mars Thundersmash love to do?

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Why are the villagers always yelling at Mars?

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Although Mars just wanted to see what things were made of, was it wrong to smash things that weren't his?

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What does apologize mean?

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Why did Mars decide to return to the village?

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Written By AJ Campos Illustrated By AJ Campos and Stephanie Lim Copyright 2011 Personalized Children’s Books All (more…)

Buzz! Ribbit! Squeak!

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Susan Dugger and the Cats of Wizard Crest

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Jax the Barbarian

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Written and Illustrated by A.J. Campos for 1 year old Jax. Jax I hope you enjoy reading this for years to come. – Click the image to go to (more…)

Johnny Loved Toys

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Copyright 2011 Personalized Children’s Books All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, (more…)

Getting Kids to Read

Statistics show that children who read often, or have their parents read to them from an early age have a greater aptitude to learn. But as you might have discovered with your own kids, they (more…)

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