Bedtime Stories for Kids

“I’m so happy I found these bedtime stories. My children never get tired of them!”
Publisher: Personalized Children’s Books

  • Buzz! Ribbit! Squeak! Buzz! Ribbit! Squeak! - Publisher PageBella Bug is a curious ladybug that wants to know why things are. But when 3 gloomy characters tell her she can’t do the things they can, Bella Bug gets down on her luck. This free short story for kids was written for 1 year old Bella. For Ages 2-8
  • The Adventure of Slimy Limey the Wiggly Worm Slimy Limey the Wiggly WormBeing small doesn’t stop this wiggly worm from becoming the rock star he knows he can be. But when a hungry hawk snatches him up he must deliver his best performance ever. A very silly story for kids that will make them laugh and feel good. For Ages 1-6
  • The Midnight Parade The Midnight ParadeJames knows that there is something not right in his room! The whispers in the air, the scampering of tiny feet, the ghostly shadows in his closet. It could only mean one thing…MONSTERS! Inspired by and written for 10 year old James Werner. Maybe our next bedtime story will be about a child you know? ...
We plan to add another children’s bedtime story soon. Most of our stories have pictures and are all based off real children. If you would like our next story to be about a child you know, please fill out the “request a story form” on the homepage. Thank you for all your support!

All our bedtime stories are the property of Personalized Children’s Books and may not be reproduced or reporpused without written consent.

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