Arianna and Carrot the Magic Horse

Written by AJ Campos

This story was written for a magical little girl named Arianna, “Hi Arianna!” Arianna is 3 years old and loves horses. I hope you enjoy the story! Arianna and Carrot A long time ago when the earth first began, Lived magic horses that where purple red and tan. And what do magic horses eat? Yummy magic carrots of course! When the last magic carrot in the land was gone, The last magic horse disappeared that dawn. It’s been thousands of years since that time, And on a little ranch horses galloped in their prime. But one little horse felt out of place, This little horse could never keep pace. He was scrawny in size, His color was worn, He had two different colored eyes, And his mane was torn. One day among the crowds at the ranch, There was a little girl sitting on a branch. While the crowds cheered for the horses more and more, she took notice of the one horse the others ignored. She walked up to the fence and stood on a brick, And with her tongue made a sound, “click, click, click.” Much to the little girls surprise, The scrawny horse sniffed her hand and said “Hello, Hi.” “You can talk” she shouted and she cried, “Of course I can” the horse replied. “You see I’m a magic horse, the last in the world, But I don’t suppose you believe me, no others would.” “If you’re a magic horse then why are you sad, If I were a magic girl, well, I would be glad!” He told the story of the magic horses, And how special carrots were the source of their mysterious forces “Well my name is Arianna” the little girl said, “And my name is Carrot” he replied, politely nodding his head. Arianna yelled, “There has to be something we can do, Something, anything, but I haven’t a clue! Carrot stood still as Arianna smiled, His heart was warmed by this wonderful child. “Arianna there is something we could possibly try, A secret carrot recipe only I can supply!” You must collect a carrot seed, straw and a little sugar, Plant it in dirt and draw the shape of a horses figure. Water it daily with water mixed with jelly, And look up to the heavens and rub your belly. Close your eyes and whisper into the wind, Please let this carrot be filled with magic” Carrot grinned. Arianna did as Carrot asked. At home in her mother’s garden she planted, She looked up into the sky, rubbed her belly and chanted. One day, two days, three days passed by, Then on the fourth day a carrot Arianna did spy. She wasted no time and dug up the carrot, It was purple and red that was apparent. But was it magical that was the question, She took it to Carrot and watched his expression. “Arianna, you did it” Carrot danced and cheered, “This is a magic carrot” Carrot declared. He ate the carrot in one big bite, And his hunger was replaced with magical might. Carrot’s dull hair began to turn purple, red and tan, And his torn mane grew and grew until there was no equal in all the land. His legs stretched until he was the largest horse Arianna had ever saw, And when Carrot stood up on his hind legs he put everyone in awe. “Oh Carrot, Carrot is that really you? Now that you have your magic back what will you do?” Carrot bowed before this charming child, He watched her curls bounce when she laughed and smiled. “It is only fitting that a magic horse be the pet of a magic girl, And you are truly special and more rare than a fine pearl. For that recipe I gave you was nothing more than a hoax, But I knew you had magic when I saw you sitting on that Oak.” Carrot wiggled his purple ears and out came a saddle and reins, “Hold on tight Arianna for I’m faster than a speeding train!” Instantly Carrot and Arianna where galloping through white mountains, Then Carrot sped away to a green garden filled with fantastic fountains. Carrot jumped so high Arianna felt like she could touch the moon, Then Carrot landed softly in a sandy purple desert dune. “Arianna thank you for believing in me when no one else would, I belong to you now and whenever you need me just shout, Carrots Are Good!” So that is the story of Arianna and Carrot the magic horse. Will they have more adventures? Probably, yeah, of course!

The End of the Story But Not the Adventure…

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2 thoughts on “Arianna and Carrot the Magic Horse

  1. Great remake of the Ugly Duckling with a twist. A magical story of faith and love. I just loved it. Any pony-loving little girl will adore this story. Great picture of the moon and rider.

    • Yeah it’s a cute story. I’d like to revisit this one when I have some free time to make it better. But I’m glad you liked it.

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