About AJ

A.J. Campos and Family

A.J. Campos, Wife Heidi and Daughter Bella

Hi my name is AJ and I want to share with you my passion, dreams and goals as a children’s book author.

As a child I was your classic daydreamer sitting at the back of the class lost in the world of imagination. I was very happy playing with friends or playing alone in the backyard, because my mind was always transporting me to new worlds.

As I grew older, daydreaming and creating stories in my head never left, but helped me to understand and relate to kids better than most. I naturally gravitated and excelled in work that involved children, such as coaching, event planning for children and eventually supervising afterschool playgrounds in Los Angeles where I grew up.

One of my favorite activities, while I ran several after school playgrounds, was drawing pictures for the kids. They got a huge kick out of me drawing their favorite cartoon characters. I often drew pictures upon request and did so happily because these kids truly appreciated and cherished them–it was as if I was giving them something really special. Later, I realized what I was giving them that was so special was simply my time and attention.

Eventually, my hobby of drawing for the after school playground kids was transformed into a travelling event, and I visited every elementary school in Los Angeles teaching kids how to draw. For seven years, from my late teens to mid twenties I did this—it was one of the best times of my life.

After I graduated college with a degree in Music Industry (totaling my years of piano lessons to thirteen) I left the work that made me so happy and started a new journey. I got married to a wonderful girl and hopped around from job to job trying to find what it was I was meant to do. Planning on adding to our family soon, we began to worry about whether or not we would be able to provide for a child. That is when I started looking into part time businesses that could be run from the home as a second job.

“Write stories for children” someone suggested. That was the first “Ah-ha moment” I’ve ever had. It seemed so right, so perfect, so me. It encompassed utilizing my childlike nature, my love for kids and talents as an artist. That day, roughly three years ago I began writing. It was easy because the stories had been in my head for so long.

Now I have PersonalizedChildrensBooks.org. I use this website as a tool to gather information and create new stories. Children are so interesting and unique that I want a real child to be at the heart of every one of my stories. That is the true reason for the “request a story contest.” To catch inspiration from kids, promote reading and to create personalized stories like no others you will find on the internet.



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