A New Winner is Picked. May 2, 2012

The next winner comes from a submission that was first made in 2010! It’s for a little girl named Phoebe. Here is a little bit about Phoebe.

“Phoebe is a typical 4 year old that loves the Disney Princesses. She spends weekends with her dad who loves LSU football and New Orleans Saints. Phoebe likes to visit her Grammy and Popsie in Louisiana and has a little cousin named Molly. She also loves for her Popsie to catch her lizards and big bugs. Playing dress up is her favorite thing to do and she eats oatmeal for breakfast. She has her very own room at Grammy’s house and a TV too where she can watch movies when she goes to bed. Sometimes Grammy reads her a story as she cuddles with “Bear”, her favorite stuffed animal. She surely is a pretty little girl.”

Phoebe I can’t wait to start on your story, and everyone else can follow along as I write the story right here. If for some reason I can not get a hold of the person who submitted this request within a fair amount of time, a new winner will be drawn.

Thanks! AJ
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